Your day is about to get 10 times more beautiful.

"Closer" is this absolutely delightful blend of r&b, soul and jazz that I'm more than stoked to premiere.

Kicking off as a sexy slow jam and evolving with jazzy keys and soulful harmonies, the Norwegian neo-soul quartet tells a story about a woman who imagines a life back with a previous lover, but we understand this relationship was not a good fit. Frida Lydia, the lead singer, elaborates:

"Closer" is the last song we made for our album and came to life as a result of extra energy after finishing up some last touches. I still had a day left in Oslo before travelling back home to the north, so this song about a vain and impressionable woman came to life, surprisingly enough. I love to write about characters like her.

This gorgeousness is taken from their first album PINK BLOOD/FALSE MEMORY, out tomorrow. Pre-save it here.

posted by Nasko
April 2021