An instant obsession, “Homosapien” by Queen Drie is hands down my favorite sound this week and one of the best conscious hip-hop tracks I’ve heard in a while. And in light of the ambiguity and chaos of this year, it’s that much more poignant that Drie takes a step back or more like - takes a step inwards, into what it means to be human and says it as it is. 

A digital being craving a human experience

I'm curious what does it mean to be a homo sapien

Furious pass me the mic it's been so long-awaited

And amplify they need to hear me

Phenomenal creatures perfectly

We can be very diabolical we volatile beings

Thirst for money and power

Hunger for Gucci and Prada

Here’s how the Ghanian-American artist, songwriter and poet, describes her work:

“Homosapien is a deep mind-fuck song about the human experience. This no hook song was recorded in one take and was first performed as a backseat freestyle by Drie. Homosapien explores the depths of the human condition and surrenders power over the condition to God at the end.”

Thank you, Queen Drie, for this masterful sound - beyond excited to have you on the Fox!

posted by Hristina
October 2020