quickly, quickly's new LP The Long and Short of It is ridiculously good. The collection of 11 tracks is an evolution and a beautiful blend of his rather beat-driven origins towards bedroom pop, indie, and even psychedelia. Expansive is a good way to describe this new record. While it will take a lot to dethrone the #1 position of Over Skies in my heart, this new record offers a whole new side of the Portland-based artist.

Today, I chose to highlight "Come Visit Me" which is the track I caught myself obsessing most with (so far). I love the 80s feel oozing from the synth intro. It nostalgically sent me to my 90s child days when my parents played some old music to me - the things they listen to in the 80s. I already got used to his vocals from the pre-release of "Shee" but "Come Visit Me" was what made me love his singing. That and the overall phat lowkey funk and soul layers that the track is built upon, and while it may sound like a rather indie feel, it's those slow-mo grooves that truly shine after hitting that play button.

A stellar release with one of my favourite labels - Ghostly International.

ghostly · quickly, quickly - The Long and Short of It
posted by Ivo
August 2021