While I did a full review on quickly, quickly's Over Skies EP, I want to go back and add most of these tracks in our fox feed.

This weekend has been one of the most productive ones I've had since forever and I managed to cross a lot of stuff on my list when it comes to the future of the project. Since I needed some break, I had a long bike around the city and because the release is downloaded offline on my Spotify, I decided to use it as a soundtrack to that trip. It definitely helps to ease one's mind and it was a perfect fit to the beautiful weather yesterday. Hence, over the next few days I wanted to add those tracks which really made me smile yesterday.

Personally, I find "if you only knew" the perfect song to play to someone you love. Not sure why, but I couldn't help absolutely overwhelmed by a feeling of love while listening to the track.

posted by Ivo
October 2018