Rae.Dianz's vocal performance on her release "FRANK" expresses a bouquet of emotions in a manner that's so damn soulful.

Hailing from Philadelphia, the artist Rae.dianz (pronounced "radiance") is a neo-soul and hip-hop artist who primarily explores themes related to mental health and reflective moments. While the production by BlckTeeth carries a summery and light-hearted vibe, Rae's verses skillfully blur the boundary between melancholy and hope, giving "FRANK" its distinctive character.

"FRANK, is a foggy yet melodic track, intent on leading you to a dystopic vulnerability. This Blckteeth collaboration brings a gentle and blooming feeling as Summer comes to a close. The twist of hip hop and pop creates an easy listen and cascading, acoustic support for those mending a broken heart." - Rae.Dianz.

posted by Lu
September 2023