Have you ever listened to honey? Because “Sundown” by British talent Raelle is exactly that - neo-soul, indie R&B honey for your eardrums. Sweet with a slight hint of sourness, vivaciously rich and lustful in flavor, just like Raelle’s voice. 

The jazz, retro-soul influence in this track is undeniable and I’m obsessed with the instrumental composition. Then, there's also Raelle’s lyrical vocals that seemingly plug into your very own head and tell your story of love and growth as one. Because let’s be real — this is a major mood and we’ve all been there (more than once).

forever thankful for what you showed me, 

I’m alone, no I’m not lonely 

what’s meant to be will be

Put in her own words, here’s what the artist says about the track, 

“Sundown” is a look a soulful look comparison of yourself, from the discomfort and uneasiness of a flawed relationship to the place you find yourself, beyond.”

As I enjoy my last “Sundown” honey tunes, I can’t hold my excitement for the sunrise that follows every sundown and hearing more of Raelle music!

posted by Hristina
October 2020