Raury caught my attention a few weeks ago with his "God's Whisper" (still not sure how I feel about the song though) and news about his various projects kept popping up in my newsfeed.

When I saw Raury and Vancouver Sleep Clinic (if you are a regular reader you will probably know how much we love this kid) I kinda knew it was going to be an amazing track.  Bon Iver-esque howls and stomping rhythms are meeting hip-hop and very decent raps. I know this sounds unimaginable and odd, but it turned out to be a very well-produced and beautiful track. Everything is in the right place there.

You can download Raury's debut EP here, but you have to play a game and reach 1500 points to get this download. Of course you can stream it and whatnot, but how cool is the idea? Go ahead and try it!

posted by Anna
August 2014