A lot of the time, age is irrelevant when it comes to judging a new artist, however, in the case of South Londoner RAYE, when you learn that she is only 16 years of age, her whole sound, appearance and concept as a musician becomes infinitely more impressive.

The second track to be unveiled from her forthcoming debut EP Welcome To The Winter, "Hotbox" see's RAYE reflect on the huge amount of 'crap' young people have to passively inhale in teenage life, whether they like it or not. Dealing with situations from a fresh, youthful perspective, her smooth vocals and wise, purposeful lyrics make her stand out as as an artist who can see beyond the general haze of life.

With its subtle groove, flickering beat and lonely piano line, "Hotbox" is a beautiful example of RAYE's natural talent beginning to shine.

posted by Staff
November 2014