A day full of excitement for everyone who loves exploring the depths of electronic music and how it can cross-connect with other genres and music cultures.

I'm proud to present to you re os - REO MATSUMOTO's 2nd EP on Stereofox Records - Aquarius Age. A whimsical journey in the world of electronica, downtempo, and ethnic/tribal house inspired by Reo's travels around the world and his return to Tokyo.

“This EP is my attempt to connect with the nature around me. From my travels around the world all the way back to Japan, I’ve grown to love both electronic music and organic elements like playing the handpan drum. For the artwork, I worked closely with my friend RAICES, who reflected my vision perfectly. A blend between organic electronica, downtempo, dance and tribal elements. The perfect balance.”

The record is a wonderful mix between the works of Sabo, Shika Shika, Bonobo, and Emancipator. A professional beatmaker, handpan player and music director, Reo started his music journey with beatboxing, becoming Japan’s Beatbox Champion in 2011. He started releasing beats under the alias Re Os – Reo Matsumoto in 2021, sharing his own unique perspective on chillhop with vibrant, melodically rich compositions. Aquarius Age, however, is looking in another direction, showcasing how versatile and liberating his taste could be.

With a unique blend of deep tribal dance music, psychedelic elements, and the use of hand pans, beat boxes, and percussion, the 5 tracks on Aquarius Age promise to take music lovers on a mind-bending and captivating journey.

The seamless fusion of his experiences and influences creates a one-of-a-kind experience that transcends traditional boundaries and immerses the audience in a truly psychedelic floating experience. For those who appreciate spacious electronic music, and tribal experiences and seek a truly transformative and unforgettable performance, this is an album not to be missed.

Stream on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
May 2023