Good morning from Vietnam's capital Hà Nội! I've got a wonderful ball of electronic energy, perfect for any Overmono, Four Tet, and O’Flynn fan out there.

Introducing the Melbourne-based newcomer Re:able, who seamlessly fuses elements of Future Garage electronica with a captivating infusion of UK bass influences in his latest track, "Carbonceramics". The song is a follow-up to his 2022 debut EP Observations and it paves an interesting road ahead towards solidifying his place in the new wave of alternative electronica from the Down Under.

The song feels like a euphoric journey, commencing with ethereal vocal cuts and prolonged pads, evolving into a rhythmic drum break, and culminating in a dynamic fusion of deep bass and evocative chords. It really goes hard!

"With this latest EP, I tried to create three tracks that each represent an element of what drives me to write music. Each of the three songs has a slightly different mood, but still remain cohesive with each other and firmly planted in the emotional electronic / UK-influenced dance field - music that leaves you feeling a melting pot of different feelings - both wistfully melancholic, yet full of inspiration and hope. "Carbonceramics" is the debut single from this release", shares Ryan.

posted by Ivo
November 2023