British talent Ric Flo is a master at channeling creativity and using it as a therapeutic medium to process and unshackle the deep emotional wounds we rarely talk about. “Fam” is yet another moving tribute to his Black inner child. Despite the difficult topic, the track oozes acceptance and a sense of peace.

“As a rapper who has grown up in foster care, my adult life has been figuring out the pieces to lifes puzzle and using music as a tool to represent the voice of the voiceless. Fam was inspired by Farming & The Last Tree which are films that speak uniquely to the coming of age experience of a black person growing up in foster care in the UK. I literally wrote & recorded Fam off the back of reading about these films and how they connected to my life in foster care.” 

What makes this song particularly moving is the powerful blend of real-life lyrics, poetic rawness, and the addictive melodic beat. According to Ric Flo, 

"This song represents my experience in foster care in the best way I can illustrate in 3mins. Close to home but poetic so I hope it resonates. I want to shed light to experiences you don't often hear.”

There’s no doubt that childhood trauma, in particular - parental absence, the inherent instability and hurt, are the kind of scars one carries throughout life without ever fully recovering. It is artists like Ric Flo and lyrics like the ones in “Fam” that make it easier and almost okay to think about the coping mechanisms involved, the emotional barriers, and talk about them out loud.

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posted by Hristina
June 2020