I have to say - this next feature makes me so, so happy. It completely changed my day and added a weird feel of hopefulness to it. Today's spotlight is on El Paso-based electronic musician Richard Alfaro. The source of all this good energy? The title track of his new album Opaque.

It's been a while since I've found so much comfort in someone's music. If have to honest, the last time I got those tiny chill waves on my back was in Tycho's early days. "opaque" makes you feel like floating around in a place where gravity does not exist. It's beautiful. My main advice - take 4 minutes of your day, close your eyes and completely devote yourself to the track. You won't regret.

A few words from Richard himself on the album:

Opaque is about coming to terms with uncertainty and giving up control. My music is never a conscious production but an artifact of expression and process. My writing process usually consists of a lot of late nights, experimentation, trial and error until I find a sound that I gravitate towards. I hope this album something you can lose yourself in.

opaque is released via our friends from SVNSET WΛVES.

Also, I was checking the comments under the track on SoundCloud and those 2 basically sum up how I felt about the song:

Can imagine driving through the hills in a convertible, hair blowing in the wind (don't own a convertible btw)

just smiling how lovely this is. positive vibes all around.
posted by Ivo
May 2017