The finest balance between chill & sexy.

Japan's soulstress RiE MORRiS is back with the 2nd taste from her upcoming EP In My Dreams, produced by UK's finest edbl.

The bi-lingual gem 'What's On Your Mind' (RiE sings in both English & Japanese) features the wonderful James Berkeley, the lead singer of Yakul. The result is a refreshing blend of soul, jazz, and bedroom pop, with a super captivating percussion groove & warm keys.

RiE shares, “It might sound strange, but I have a harder time writing and singing in Japanese. Thus, I struggled with this one. It was hard to come up with a melody or lyrics I was happy with, but because I gave my thoughts so much on this tune, I feel attached to it the most! James came up with a beautiful melody that inspired me a lot to complete my section. This is why I love collaboration! I hope listeners will enjoy this unique duet.”

The full In My Dreams EP comes out in 3 weeks, on Aug 30th. Get the 2nd single on your fav platform here.

posted by Nasko
August 2023