Get ready for your much-needed Friday dose of happiness and euphoria, courtesy of Indonesian-born, Australia-based producer Rino.

His new single "Challenger" is as aerial as the works Caribou of and energetic as BICEP. If that doesn't convinces you to hit that play button, I don't know what will. I absolutely love the texture and the punchy drums throughout the composition. It's the exact kind of alternative electronic sound we curate in our alternative dancefloor playlist.

"Challenger is about overcoming adversity and reclaiming your life and identity. I gravitated towards the 90s house/disco vocal because of the feeling that it evokes; it’s powerful, and you can hear the tenacity, and determination behind her voice - don’tcha hurt me no more! I wanted to make something that represented that, but also with a sense of ease and pleasure. It’s not meant to portray hopelessness, but rather frame this process as being one full of kindness/love. A friend of mine described the little voices in the breakbeat as being super wholesome. I liked that, so I kind of built upon that idea of a wholesome sonic aesthetic.", shares Rino on Instagram.

posted by Ivo
July 2023