Ryan Lee West, the mastermind behind Rival Consoles, has always strived to infuse his music with a sense of songwriting that transcends the limitations of machines. By carefully sculpting his compositions, he imbues each track with a distinct human touch, allowing the synthesizers to come alive and resonate with emotions.

With his latest single "Coda", released a few hours ago via the esteemed electronic label Erased Tapes, Rival Consoles offers a tantalizing glimpse into his world of experimental electronic music and his unwavering commitment to creating a more organic and living sound.

The track grabs you from the first second and takes you on a mesmerizing journey through his nocturnal sonic landscapes. Allow yourself to be immersed in the rich textures and evocative melodies that define his sound. Each pulsating beat and intricate synth line will transport you to a world where human and machine converge, leaving you in awe of the organic beauty that emerges from the electronic realm.

In anticipation of "Coda", West shared his thoughts on the track, stating:

"Coda started as a really late night experiment around a chord progression that seemed haunting but also had some strange beauty. The whole piece is centered around this theme. I wanted to embrace the dark and quiet moments of the nighttime but also the energy of people who were maybe moving around London late at night with a nod to house music." - Rival Consoles

In his critically acclaimed album Now Is released last fall on Erased Tapes, Rival Consoles demonstrated his prowess in pushing the boundaries of electronic music. With "Coda" he continues to elevate his craft, showcasing his growth as an artist and his unwavering commitment to sonic innovation.

posted by Boris
June 2023