Brand new trck from German producer Robot Koch - something to keep your spirits high! I had the pleasure of seeing him live few months ago, but it was fairly electronic set oriented and little to do with few of the tracks we've shared here. Not saying it was worse, just something totally different. But! Let's get back on the "do you feeeel love anymooore" which gently hums from this beautiful, beautiful song!

The track is taken off his upcoming album Mirror which will be out later this month. This time Robot collaborates with another familar name for you foxers - John LaMonica with whom he collaborated for another rad feature called "Nitesky" and Sebastian Lind. As said above - I was really surprised with his direction nowadays and I'm really excited about this record. Hopefully we could get in touch with him and find out what's the drive behind this change. Until then - can you feel love anymore?!

posted by Ivo
March 2014