Embark on a journey toward paradise as Rodney Hazard takes you on an immersive musical adventure with his latest release, "Rain In The Desert."

Serving as the introductory single from his upcoming EP, Which Way To Paradise? the New York-based artist masterfully blends elements of afro beats and electronic music to create a truly captivating and unique sonic experience. With the incorporation of live instrumentation and his signature touch, Rodney transports listeners to a world of warmth and richness, offering a one-way ticket to a musical paradise.

His meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout "Rain In The Desert." The track is adorned with intricate sound design and subtle production elements that enhance its overall allure. Subtle electronic textures and carefully placed sonic embellishments create an otherworldly atmosphere, transporting the listener to the heart of the desert's ethereal rain.

posted by Boris
May 2023