Looking for a new tune for your intimate playlist? Don't worry we got you all covered with the perfect sensual jam for this occasion. From the laid-back crispy beat, velvet vocal, fizzy synths, and ambience of soothing melodicism, Rodney Hazard continues to expand his artistic & aesthetic approach not ever wishing to be a one-trick pony.

Earlier this month we gave you a taste of "Rainforest" - the first single from his upcoming EP released via Stereofox, but today the USA producer and creative director is back with full force. Get ready for 6 soothing tracks that masterfully blend alternative r&b, future beats, electronica & soulful vocals.

“The Man From Nowhere is what I consider some of my best work to date. I wanted to take people on a journey, one that isn’t necessarily linear. A journey through time and healing as I reveal all of these different parts of myself through song. I didn’t let genres or what’s contemporary move me in any specific direction. The concept for the album is an allegory for my real life. I wanted to create a story that felt fantastical for this project, almost like an urban myth. The man from nowhere is a deep exploration, a mission to find something new. Within that process, I found healing and a whole new sound to along with it.” Rodney Hazard

One of the artist’s goals with the new album is to connect with his fans in a more interactive way, for that reason, Rodney's team has created 6 unique animated visualizers. These visual elements will connect the last pieces of the puzzle and the idea behind the creation of the album. We made a mix of all 6 visualizers which are going to be premiered later today on Stereofox's official YouTube channel. Make sure to hit the "reminder" button below and join the party.

Or listen to the full EP on your preferred streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
October 2022