Rohne is the artist I've listened to the most in 2019. And given he only had the 8-piece Meridian at that point (from which we featured 6 tracks), you can imagine how much his music speaks to me.

It's been a while since we last heard from him but "Ceres" is totally worth the wait. It literally made me shiver - the progressive electronica bliss envelops broken house beatwork, ethereal pads and airy vocal samples in such a way, I can't even. Keenan explains how he made it:

"Ceres" was produced in a basement studio I had set up in the middle of winter. I remember sketching out the main melody on the Rhodes, layering the ambience, and building the drums out of foley recordings I took in the forest. The sketch started to paint the picture of this vast open landscape to me. That image really stood out, and finishing the track almost felt like an escape from the studio to that place.

This piece shows Rohne's more upbeat side, as opposed to his ambient work before and I'm really stoked to hear what's coming next.

posted by Nasko
March 2021