There's a particular chemistry between classical & electronic music, especially when done right.

Pianist Ron Adelaar's acclaimed composition "Feel" received an oustanding makeover from UK producer Tagavaka. The result is an immersive listening experience built on the emotional melodic essence of the original but with driving drums & synths - exactly what we love most about downtempo electronica.

Ron Adelaar shares, "When I first heard Tagavaka’s remix of my track ‘Feel' I was very happily surprised. And right away very enthusiastic because I also like this genre of music. As a neo-classical composer I never thought it was possible to give so much new and different energy to the song and still keeping the warm intimacy of the composition. He did a great job and I like this remix very much." 

Tagavaka adds, "It was an honour to remix such an established composer, someone who is capable of creating special moments with just a piano. My remix was really centered around capturing the magic of the original piece, and it came together almost effortlessly!"

Both songs were released by our friends at Disruptive Records.

posted by Nasko
last month