Meet Rosa Landers - a Berlin-born, singer, and guitarist artist whose sound will wrap you around like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. The multi-talented artist has trained in acting and musical theater in Barcelona and London, skills that she later built on when it came to building her musical career starting in 2020. Rosa has also been a regular guest singer on my favorite Cassette Head Sessions.

Released via our friends at Lekker Collective, her new single is a mosaic of childhood and relationship memories, each being a special ingredient of this melt of emotions titled "Raised".

Listening to the song can stop time.

Rosa elaborates, "Raised was created out of an improvised, Rafa created a beautiful melodic bass line, and I jammed over it while scrolling through my phone for lyrics I had already written. I didn’t want to create another dreamy song, so Rafa found a bouncy bass line that would cut the mood. This song helps process the part in me that has hurt when I was a child, which still reflects in my relationships today."

posted by Ivo
last month