I've said it before but I'm sure there's something in the water in the land down under.

Yet another example of the magic Aussies create - from soulstress Rosa Mack. Her only 2nd single, "Love You Always" has a very appealing haziness & effortlessness to it. But don't get fooled, the song builds up to something compelling and touching towards the end, with an outstanding guitar solo, brass & inspiring vocals intertwining in a truly spectral way.

There's a reason for that - the band's guitarist James Pryce Davies initially created the song. He shares, "The song explores the thoughts of someone facing their remaining moments, wishing for the safety of home and to see whom they love once more. As someone whose mind is prone to wander, I find the idea of escape very seductive. Not once, but two times this desire has led me to nearly become completely lost while hiking through the forest. Thankfully, I found my way back on the trail but the feeling of panic has stuck with me."

"Love You Always" also dwells on the topics of vulnerability & the overwhelming fear you sometimes get - so strong you want to run away. Rosa adds on the collaboration, "It’s a vulnerable practice to gift your musical ideas to your bandmates. However, exposing that may feel - I’ve found the process of granting one's artistic expression to another is a powerful tool in understanding and relating to someone’s insight and perspective. It’s an honour to translate James’ work with my voice and offer my own authentic interpretation to audiences. I feel these words as much as I would my own, and I think that dynamic of trust can create something profoundly honest and soulful to share." 

This is best experienced with eyes closed, so make sure to give it another spin after you read this. And then call your loved ones to tell them you love them.

posted by Nasko
last month