I can't believe this is the first time we feature Ross from Friends and even though that's one of my least favourite shows and characters, the music created by Felix Clary Weatherall is superb, to say the least.

Excited to share with you his new single "The Daisy" is a wonderful fairy tale built on a land of experimental vibes similar to those of Moderat, Burial, and Tourist but somehow softer, maybe because of the vocals embodied throughout the track. I was in love from the very first listen, and that's no wonder - anything that comes through Brainfeeder is pure gold, isn't it?

"The Daisy" is the first taste from his upcoming new album Thread scheduled for October this year. The existence and the creation of the album are tied to a plugin titled Thresho which Felix created.

Tread refers to the marks that I’ve been permanently leaving, both in my memories and throughout the process using Thresho,” shares the British producer.

posted by Ivo
August 2021