My introduction to the world of Ruby Wood began with the iconic Submotion Orchestra, but her debut EP Sincerely reintroduces her in an entirely new light.

Beyond being known for her role as the lead singer for Submotion Orchestra, this UK-based vocalist and songwriter has toured as the lead vocalist for Bonobo's live band and has worked with the likes of Alfa Mist. However, Sincerely pushes to light Ruby's prowess in the realm of neo-soul and R&B, and I must say the opening track "Let Him Go" is a stellar example of this.

In her songwriting, themes of romance and self-confidence come to the forefront, with the addition of gorgeous strings in the background, enhancing the track's elegant demeanor. If you found "Let Him Go" enjoyable, delving into the entire EP is highly recommended.

posted by Lu
September 2023