Even though s. lyre's latest single "can't seem to" is steeped in quite a deep origin story, the overall mood of the track resembles a warm kind of playfulness that seamlessly tugs on the attention of the listener.

There's certainly an overt kind of charm exuded by the unorthodox nature of the drums, and the vocal samples fluttering across the mix. The creation of "can't seem to" served as a catharsis for s.lyre as the feelings of doubt around his loving relationship are all poured into this single – hence the title and the repetition of the words “can’t seem to” uttering from the vocals.

It started out as a really simple 4 on the floor type soul thing, but I deleted most of the idea and started over. It’s about the mixed feeling of being in an amazing loving relationship, but feeling tinges of worry for its future.

posted by Lu
March 2022