It's early morning and you're in dire need of energy. Then after a short and synth-spaced soothing intro of a song, a robotic female voice nudges you with, "lets test your speakers". Suddenly, you're in the world of salute's new single "system".

Released via the legendary Ninja Tune, the track is a compact ball of energy that's enough to power up your engines for the upcoming weekend. Salute is the cover of our alternative dancefloor playlist and one of the main reasons I started listening to the new wave of bouncy and upbeat electronic music inspired by UK Garage, dubstep, r&b, EDM, dance, and whatnot.

There's something beautifully reminiscent of Daft Punk in this track, but I can't put my finger on it. Perhaps you can? Either way, this is just some good music and it needs your attention right now.

While the hype around the Vienna-born, Brighton-based producer and DJ is already there, I feel we're yet to see his full potential in 2024.

posted by Ivo
February 2024