A lot has happened since I first heard salute's name back in 2016. I vividly remember vibing to his "Castle (Magic)" and truth be told I re-visited my feature and played the track recently and gave me the same goosebumps energy it did 7 years. I admire and respect the perseverance of artists and I weirdly love when I forget about some artists I loved back in the day and find they're blossoming years later.

Fast-forward to 2023, Lu and I spoke about creating a playlist called the alternative dancefloor and he send me this one song as an example. I was sure I knew the name, but I wasn't sure where from. Turns out that all these years Felix has been busy building a name and solidifying a whole new sound taking that original energy he had in 2016 and channeling it through a prism of UK garage, breakbeats, and electronica.

The now Manchester-based Austrian producer is signed on Ninja Tune's Technicolour and is taking over the world with high-energy vibrant tracks similar to "Wait For It". His 2021 single "Joy" knocked out 8.5M streams on Spotify alone!

He goes on to elaborate, "Like Joy, this is a song I started years and years ago and struggled to finish. A thousand iterations and an amazing vocal, we have 'Wait For It', a tune I am really stoked to be putting out on Technicolour."

posted by Ivo
May 2023