It's the combination of Sarnilo's attitude and the soulful instrumental that makes her new release, "Hoodbrat" such a gripping listening experience.

Sarnilo, being a bi-cultural artist from Eswatini, uses her diverse background to influence her songwriting and singing style. In "Hoodbrat," she skillfully reveals the two facets that define her identity through compelling storytelling, captivating listeners to hang on to every word. The gorgeous sax embellishments along with the raw drums capture that boombap feel, thus providing the track with a sense of nostalgia too.

Sarnilo shares, "On Hoodbrat, Sarnilo uses an oxymoron to speak about the two sides that make her who she is. One side of her grew up in the suburban environment with her every wish being granted and the other a “hood-chick“ who grew up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Mbabane that taught her to toughen up."

posted by Lu
September 2023