Spring is at its peak here, with days of sunshine & rain taking turns - which sometimes makes you lose track of time.

Serbia-based producer Scasca returns to our feed with his debut EP called Spring Station - a carefully crafted blend of lo-fi house, electronica & breakbeat, sprinkled with dreaminess, created in the heart of Belgrade. "Spring Station is the place where you would like to be when it's December outside and the sun barely shines. December, both literally and metaphorically", he elaborates.

The opener "The Rain Will Wash It All Away" carries a certain melancholy due to its warm pads & airy vocal samples but also hope in its driving beatwork & playful synths - like the way you feel calmer after the rain.

I recommend checking the full EP, it's an immersive listening experience that will suit your May adventures.

Scasca · Spring Station (EP)
posted by Nasko
May 2024