My Seb Wildblood feature from last week was rather a trip back in time, but it turns out the UK producer / DJ has new material and there's no way I'm sleeping on that. Get ready for a trippy experimental dance electronic track titled "". Very heavy on the synths. There's something incredibly revitalizing about the composition and Seb's work as a whole.

"" is actually not the most cryptic title out there. It was the first track Seb created after moving to LA (I assume), hence the name. Pretty cool in my book - descriptive all the way!

Also, some other good news - the song will be part of vitara 3000 - a 3-track EP he's releasing on January 25th via Istanbul-based record label Oath. The EP will dwell in the beautiful world of nostalgia, broken beat, and euphoric melodies. Super stoked about it!

You can pre-order the vinyl via Bandcamp below.

posted by Ivo
January 2023