The priceless creative bond is back at it, bringing you a taste of a second long-form record!

Usually known in their separate spheres of big room dance and drum & bass respectively, it was during the unusual period of lockdowns in 2020 that Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle worked remotely together to release an intriguing debut Odd World as a downtempo duo for the first time.

And now they return a year on with "Move" - the first single of the latest record. An energetic and bass-heavy track of downtempo IDM aesthetics, it picks up perfectly where the artists left off with Odd World. It’s a beautifully balanced combination of the cerebral and the dance-inducing, with soft high-end sounds and driving low end providing the excitement. 

Sitting nicely between the lounge and the dance floor the track serves as a welcome taster of the new record due later this year via the one and only Loci Records!

posted by Chris
July 2021