Alright, my mind has been blown.

It is the first time I hear about Sebastian Kamae, but it probably won't be the last. He is a 19-year-old (yes, he is THAT young) music producer from the Netherlands, who fancies jazz and hip-hop. And this is just what I needed to start fancying his music.

We teamed up for the release of his new track called "Maiden Voyage", a jazzy piece that starts with a smooth piano and then takes you to a peculiar musical journey with such diverse nature - beats, brass and god knows what else. Amazing!

I have always had a thing for Dutch artists (my first love were Janne Schra and "Room Eleven", but I will tell you more about them next time). There is something unique in the Lowland country. And I can only hope to hear more and more from there.

posted by Nasko
April 2017