Nothing better than pairing Friday's morning coffee with a proper wave of bouncy electronic music.

Meet Self Tape - an Australian producer who just released his electrifying gem "Tonight I'm With You" via Headroom Records. Emerging from a very empowering studio session, this track effortlessly fuses pulsating house rhythms, soulful piano melodies, and an enigmatic essence. What I really loved the first time I heard it were the vocal chops which reminded me of 90s r&b/soul dance music. The track itself is drawing inspiration from the otherworldly and sci-fi-inspired journey that influenced Self Tape's creative direction.

He elaborates, "After finishing a handful of songs that felt together and balanced, I was still left with a feeling that something was missing… a song that would complete the project. Starting to experiment with old soul piano samples, I began cutting up chords and melodies that floated over the top of rolling house drums and garage-style beats. The mix of club-ready rhythms and this floaty piano sparked something in me. And with the final touches of Thinking of You sampled and heard throughout the choruses, Tonight I'm With You was born."

Honestly, listening to this is like going through a power-up field. You end up at the end of it wanting more and ready to face anything your way. The reason why I love emotional electronica these days.

Such a great addition to our alternative dancefloor playlist.

posted by Ivo
February 2024