The UKG-inspired gem "Amalia" is certainly one of my favorite finds so far this week, and what makes this discovery all the more interesting is that this is only Semoto's fourth release as an artist.

Semoto is a Swiss producer influenced by acts like Caribou, Moderat, and Bonobo. On "Amalia", these influences beautifully shine through and it's the moody, somewhat dark aesthetic that gives it away. It's the presence of emotive vocals and organic embellishments that really bring the track to life, especially in the second half where the synths become brighter and immerse the listener.

"The organic part of the song comes from vocal and marimba samples that I tweaked, sliced, and re-played. This song is my favorite work so far. It signifies changes in life, how scary they can be, but also beautiful if you embrace them", says Semoto.

posted by Lu
June 2023