Took me a little week to get back on track from a lot of responsibilities and bills to pay, but coming back with a new release from a legendary +10 years in the scene label, Hotflush. It's managed by Paul Rose, who is mostly now as Scuba.

Sepalcure, is a duo formed by Machinedrum (how many projects is this guy participating in?) and another guy that goes by the name Braille. They started in 2011. They recently released the 2 tracks EP  Fight For Us.

"Fight For Us" goes well in Stereofox, it has this nice vocals in the back, on this alternatively produced electronic background with beautiful chords. Feels spacious, while feeling sort of dreamy. I love the vocals Rochelle Jordan has dropped into this one (if you dig her voice as much as I do, here are all the other times she has been posted).

posted by Staff
December 2015