Couldn't be more proud with the next remix, I would like to share with you. Cooh, Balkansky or Ivan Shopov (yep, he goes by many names) is hands down one of the most talented and creative electronic artists in Bulgaria. Besides his impressive skills as a musician, he is also a notable graphic designer - the guy is just pure talent! Would love to interview him someday!

I am always happy when I see an artist from my home country who is being acknowledged abroad for his talent and skills and Cooh is definitely going in that direction. Before ending my few sentences, I thought would be cool to share the story behind the remix – "I woke up one morning and searched the phrase My Love in Youtube, so I could wake up my girl with those words...The first result was this Sia song and I felt in love with the melody and lyrics....few hours later I had to fly to Barcelona and I did this remix for my love 10 000 meters up in the skies :)"

posted by Ivo
January 2013