It seems that "Reaper" has exposed to me a new and fresh set of vocals from Sia. This song has a genuinely feel-good vibe that I had yet to hear from her, and I have to say, I'm very impressed.

Amid these cold and semi-depressing winter months here in the U.S., I can't think of anything better than driving down the highway, moving to "Reaper," as its killer lyrics wipe away the day's worries and bat out bad demons.

My favorite song by a long shot at the moment, "Reaper" is a track that needs to be put on your "must-listen to" list.

Sia is not the only superstar here, however, as credit must be given to her producer and co-writer, Kanye West. This is the second track the two have successfully teamed up on together, after the creation of "Wolves" by West, which featured Sia and Vic Mensah on vocals.

Make sure you check out the Aussie-singer's upcoming album, This Is Acting, upon its release January 29th.

posted by Staff
January 2016