I've been meaning to sit down and record the new Songs To Chill To mix when I realized I've missed quite an important event last week. Simon Jefferis who I've been a fan for a while now dropped his first full length album titled SJ's Pocket.

The 7 tracks release is key for Simon not only because it's a debut, but because it marks his first serious step towards pushing for making a living out of producer. In all fairness the dude is super talented, so I'm sure things are looking bright in the future! The album, "born out of a love for jazz music and hip-hop" is a beautiful instrumental journey which I bet all of you will love. The sound is super organic and the production work - flawless.

I'm kicking off with the intro track - a smooth, groovy beat called "WIND YA NECK IN!". Enjoy!
posted by Ivo
October 2017