It amazes me how Slowe's music is simultaneously consistent and also surprising with every new release she gets out.

Her 3rd single via Tru Thoughts is a majestic blend of jazz, soul, and a little bit of reggae, which she described as a blend of Kali Uchis & Gorillaz (and I'm sure you just said "wow, that's so true!").

An avid singer, she's also an amazing producer and the vocals here are left for her friend, Brighton songwriter Rachai (with delightful backvocals from herself, of course). "Fix Me Up" is a psychedelic tale of that feeling “when you meet someone you really vibe with” and it'll surely put you in some sweet reminiscing.

This also marks the announcement of her debut LP, Where My Mind Wanders (due July 28th), on which she elaborates, “A big theme throughout the album is exploring the feeling of being twenty-something and not knowing where things are headed for you, and if you’re on the right path”.

posted by Nasko
March 2023