I'm sure you remember Slowe and her "WYLTK" - the r&b/jazz gem that the UK artist sang & produced herself. There's a certain melancholy in Slowe's music which I also find very beautiful & warm. And her new single, and 2nd release with our friends at Tru Thoughts, surely adds to these feelings.

"Superego" leans more on the classic jazz/soul sound, especially in the drums & the keys, with a touch of dreamy alt-pop in her vocals and lush neo-soul guitar licks in the 2nd half.

The song is a conversation with herself about the conflicts of the id, ego & superego. Forming from life experiences and interactions with others, the superego “keeps your ego in check”. Slowe elaborates: "a quote I found said, "superego is the part of a person's mind or personality, that tells them how to behave based on learned morals and values". And it might feel like it's overbearing at times and not always working in your favour.

This is magnificently translated into sound, with airy & warm melodies juxtaposed with the drum groove, pacing like a heartbeat throughout the song.

Just when I think there's no way Slowe will deliver something better, she comes back with my new favourite song.

posted by Nasko
January 2023