Good morning, internet friends!

Today's a day to appreciate life, to enjoy it in full. Today's also the first taste of a delightful project we're rolling out. The legendary Japanese production duo Snowk teamed up with our dear Y A N A for "Running in Circles", the 1st single off Show Me EP, also featuring RiE MORRiS & Leena.

This nu-disco gem tells the story of the lack of emotional openness in a partner. It fuses Snowk's warm, groovy & slightly melancholic production with Y A N A's honey vocals - for a song you can spend all night dancing to. She elaborates, “Most of us have been or have had an emotionally unavailable partner. It’s about the constant fear of not being good enough for that partner and relationship anxiety in general.” 

Snowk add, “We aimed to create a track within our signature r&b/soul electronic style, reminiscent of “Under the moon” with J.Lamotta. The bassline and chord progression pay homage to our favorite 80s songs – something I’m sure everyone will quickly notice.”

Make sure to stream/buy the gem here. There's also the instrumental version & the full tracklist included.

posted by Nasko
January 2024