I wish it was the 31st today because Sofasound's "Bella Anima" is exactly the kind of track I would like to use as  a last feature for 2018. However, I am impatient and just can't wait to share it with you. Also, I've got 3 hours until my flight back to Berlin, so... yeah.

I heard the track 15 minutes ago and my obsession level is off the roof. Been jamming to it while other people at the airport are weirdly starting at me. The blend of r&b, future beats and electronic music is just... flawless. My kind of sound. Actually, everything about this track is nothing short than perfection - from the build up and drop to the way Sofasound processed those vocals. One hell of a talent.

"Bella Anima" translates to "Beautiful Soul" in Italian, I thought back on the year I had and the battles I fought and the victories I had won for myself and wouldn't change a thing. Everyone has their battles, everyone has their cross to bare, but when it comes down to it don't lost your worth, because we are all beautiful souls.

Mate - keep it up, your music is inspiring.

posted by Ivo
December 2018