Been follow Sofasound's sound for over a year now and I've always admired John's approach towards creating beats. It definitely stands out and feels beautifully odd in the space

Today, I am sharing one of his latest releases featuring Lulunah's gorgeous vocals. Wrapped around space-inspired synths, "Dream Tea" is the absolute daydreaming soundtrack. While to me it feels a bit mellow, I could definitely see people just going all-in on this track. The bass is quite a banger, actually.

Unfortunately, music isn't the full picture and I've been aware that John's going through a huge amount of pain in his life. I wish I could help in any way, but ... it feels rather impossible for me. However, this message Playitlouder published alongside the track release sheds some light and who knows, maybe someone reaches out.

John, the human behind the artist, has endured incredible suffering this year, with an illness that can't let him eat properly, if not at all. After massive weight lost, no specialist have been able to diagnose him yet or even give him an explanation as to why he's been going through hell. It's very important for us to let everyone know because at the end of the day, no matter what type of music we make or listen to, we all in this world together and if we can help end some suffering at any level it will be a huge win. If anyone have insight to Sofasound current condition, please contact us.

posted by Ivo
April 2019