Today we dive into the lush world of "How Music Makes You Feel Better", a track taken from Sofia Kourtesis's highly anticipated debut album, Madres which was released last month via Ninja Tune.

Packed with an intricate array of lush sounds the song feels like a celebration of old and new. The song offers a punchy set of drums, which often characterize the new wave of electronic music, but it also incorporates synth elements and ambiance that remind me of the 2000s best electronic creations. I'm also very appreciative of the gentleness of the vocals, which are the backbone of "How Music Makes You Feel Better".

With a number of singles released throughout 2023, the build-up towards Madres felt like a journey many of us followed. The story outlined the challenges Kourtesis faced amid her mother's health crisis, while this track shifts its focus to explore the healing attributes of music. I guess that's why it's one of my favorites on the record. Describing music as a source of solace during life's storms and fluctuations, she emphasizes its enduring ability to bring comfort amid pain, grief, and various emotional experiences.

"During every storm, during every ups and downs, pain and grief, music is always the most beautiful thing that is going to make you feel better,” she says of the song.", shares Sofia.

posted by Ivo
November 2023