Been a while since I've been as frustrated and angry as I'm today. The world is crumbling and I let it bring out the worst in me instead of just flipping a finger and moving on.

Thankfully, I've got Sonnee's new single "Leave The Water Still" which was a literal breath of fresh air today. The tune is taken from his upcoming debut EP released via Attack Decay Sweet Release, the new label from the Management team behind Model Man and Lawrence Hart.

The composition impressively blends organic soundscapes, percussive instrumentation and electronic sensibilities with a haunting vocal to deliver a track that begs for dancing as much as it induces introspective emotional reflection.

"I was listening to a lot of garage and wanted to make something a bit different, that I could escape to. Written during the summer, the lyric 'leave the water still' really stuck with me. It's about letting go, and letting things happen. For me, the track is super optimistic.", shares Charlie who we've featured multiple times before.

posted by Ivo
December 2021