I wasn't going to feature more music tonight... it's past 22 in Berlin and Twin Peaks is airing tonight... but then this happened.

One of the most impressive voices on the Internet Sophie Meiers teamed up with our friends engelwood & simon eng and the world stopped for a second. Their track "hello there" is a beautiful lofi hip hop lullaby wrapped around Sophie's vocals.

The whole thing feels like a black & white movie from the 60s. Gentle, innocent, beautiful.

I'll let you to those lyrics and what could easily be the best late night romance soundtrack. "hello there".

hello there i hope that you're doing as well as you say you are [say you are] hello there can you hear me i hope that you're listening; do you miss me?

do you remember when you said that nobody could ever make you feel like that

hello there i hope that she makes you [ i hope ] as happy as i should have [ as i should have ] i hope that there is still no comparison but when i'm up late at night i realize i should have left your ass behind [ i should have left your ass behind ] cause now i'm doin better [ now i'm doin fine now i'm doin fine now i'm doin fine ]

hello there please don’t erase the pretty moments that we both had everything reminds me of you you should know that

hello there please don’t come back i'm so hurt you can have your fun with her ! challenge considered; but rejected go ahead and criticize my coping methods i'm so reckless

posted by Ivo
May 2017