Soulization teases his debut album Holding Your Hand with the release of "Be Here Now" - a genre-bending odyssey complemented by a charming vocal performance from SAÍGO.

The Bulgarian drummer, producer & multi-instrumentalist Vasil Vutev (or Soulization) started his musical journey at a young age playing drums and piano. On this single, he flaunts his virtuosic abilities as the instrumental portion of the track is layered with intricate grooves and melodic arrangements that keep listeners fascinated. The bold jazz influence here gels so well with L.A.-based singer SAÍGO's future soul aesthetic, and her songwriting encourages listeners to stop, and take in the present moment for what it is.

Holding Your Hand drops on November 29th, and in just a few weeks Soulization delivers the second single from the album.

posted by Lu
October 2023