UK-based producer Sound of Fractures welcomes us into a multicolored experience with the release of his second EP this year Bubbles.

We've been following the rise of Sound of Fractures since he released "Dream" back in 2022, and it's fascinating to note that there are thematic parallels between "Dream" and the opening track of his new EP. "Bubbles" highlights the significance of not only cherishing the special moments in our lives but also recognizing the relationships between individuals, understanding their meaning to one another, and appreciating the emotions they evoke.

In this case, it's centered around the artist's kids and his mother. I love how the sample of the kids playing serves as a preface to the colorful and playful vibe of the track. We're also acquainted with cinematic moments during the break, and this immerses listeners further into the experience.

Dive into the full EP below:

posted by Lu
February 2024