The latest release by Sound of Fractures "Meant To Be" is not only shrouded in ethereal textures but, it's also wrapped in themes associated with personal development.

This single is part of his forthcoming album Scenes, a project that goes beyond a sonic experience. It exists as a collaborative process enabled by NFT/ web3 tools, encouraging fans to share their cherished memories and photographs in response to each track, transforming them into a unique collection of "Scenes". On the track "Meant To Be", our imagination conjures images of play and freedom especially since it has an openness about it that reminds us of vast fields.

He shares, “Meant To Be is about growing as a person and how moments in your life can be so overwhelming at the time you can’t make sense of them but as you grow older you come to terms with how they contributed to making you who you are. They can make you more resilient, more compassionate and better equipped at how to deal with them in the future… and you understand it was meant to be that way.”

The background is adorned with these sharp, glossy synth strings which breathe life into the track while the vocals provide a soulful allure. "Meant To Be" has a beautiful combination of emotive and dance-friendly, making it perfect for a range of different situations.

posted by Lu
5 weeks ago