Dive into the lyrical labyrinth of British hip-hop artist Speech Debelle's latest release "11:11" - a captivating addition to her impressive repertoire. This single, a jewel from her fourth studio album Sunday Dinner On a Monday, showcases Debelle's trademark blend of sensitivity, introspection, and poetic prowess.

Known for her Mercury Prize-winning debut album and subsequent critically acclaimed releases, Speech Debelle stands as a trailblazer on the UK hip-hop scene. Now, Speech Debelle is making headlines once again with "11:11". The track encapsulates elegance, grace, bravado, and rap. Produced by Skripture, with additional production by Dem Drums, the song exudes the energy reminiscent of classic hip-hop.

"The track reminded me instantly of classic hip-hop. It has that energy that makes you want to let everyone know what you as a rapper are meant to do with a beat.", shares Speech Debelle

"11:11" arrives alongside an equally impressive music video directed by Aiden Harmitt-Williams. Make sure to check it out.

posted by Boris
November 2023